Let our Sales Team Buy Your Problems From You!


Walk away from the damages with your head held high

Here at Pure RV we pride ourselves on great service, parts and sales team. No matter if its new or used.

We also buy RVs from our customers when rv dealers say no to your trade!!! Weather if it’s rotten, water damaged, hail damage or just falling apart, no matter what the problem is we will give you the best value for your RV  

How we crunch the Numbers

What we do to calculate the Value in your RV in 3 steps:

1.)First we find out what your trade in value is on the used rv

2.)After that we then estimate your damages on your unit including parts and labour

3.)We minus your estimated damages from your trade-in value to get you the BEST price

For Example:

Your trade in value $20,000

Your Estimated Damages $8,000

We give you $12,000 for your RV and you walk away!

Dont Like the value our sales team give you! The estimate is good for 30 days!, get us to fix it and you sell it for what you feel the price should be!!No RV dealers can offer that type of trade in!

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